Research tour: Get the grid working - how Europe's climate goals depend on a modern power network

APPLY NOW: The research tour, organised in collaboration with the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) focuses on electricity grids and the integration of renewables. The tour aims to provide up-to-date meaningful information and background knowledge about the role of grids in the energy transition. The programme features meetings with policy-makers, energy experts and activists as well as on-site visits to energy infrastructure projects. Topics include security of supply, nature protection, public opposition and participation, as well as European cooperation. Application deadline is October 18.

Reaching a carbon neutral economy by 2050 means that a substantial amount of new renewable energy sources (RES) has to be integrated into the European electricity grid. Renewables are variable in nature, often decentrally located and not always naturally placed next to population centres. To overcome these challenges, electricity grids all over Europe need to be built, improved and better connected. Current projections foresee investment needs of 114 billion € into electricity infrastructure by 2030 if Europe is to reach a share of 48-58% RES. If it is to meet more ambitious targets, even more investment will be needed. 

Today, grid infrastructure projects all over Europe face similar hurdles and challenges. Next to legal and resource constraints, there are concerns by citizens and environmental organisations about health and environmental risks. It is therefore necessary to rethink the way grids are developed to reach more transparency and protect nature from the outset.

The tour aims to answer the following questions:

  • what role do grids have in the energy transition?

  • what challenges arise when integrating high shares of renewables?

  • how are grids planned on a national and inter-European level? What are the political priorities for the coming years?

  • how is grid development regulated?

  • what are citizens' concerns and how can they be involved in a meaningful way?

  • what options are there to protect nature when developing infrastructure?


Arrangør CLEW
Dato 24-11-2019
Klokken 15:00
Tilmeldingsfrist 18-10-2019
Sted Aachen, Germany - Brussels, Belgium
Tid 24.-26. nov
Pris free of charge including transport to/from

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