Vehicle-Grid Integration Summit - A Movement of Worldwide V2G Demonstrators

- Hear how V2G has successfully been tested on the newest models of electric vehicles - both in the lab and in the field.
- See and touch the technology including cars and chargers that can support the power system of tomorrow.
- Learn about the future of the technology and how it may scale technically and economically to support a power system based on renewables.

Read more about the summit and sign up here:

Read more about the renowned Danish-lead research project that demonstrate the EV's potential to support the

electricity grid as power resources.

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  • Arrangør Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
    Dato 21-11-2018
    Klokken 09:00
    Sted Frederiksborgvej 399, DTU Risø Campus, Building 112 - Niels Bohr Auditorie 4000 Roskilde Danmark
    Tid 21.-22. November 2018
    Pris Gratis, dog er tilmelding påkrævet